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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ The SVVS Treasure Hunt - April 2014 ] ::

Please click on any thumbnail picture below  to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). The photos are by Tony Oakes and Bozi Mohacek.

Start at the Knight's Garden Centre, Godstone

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Finish at the Black Horse, Hookwood

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        The Organiser                  The Winner                Oldest car/oldest person     Oldest car/youngest
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The Organiser and the Winner:
 Nick Wollett                      and                         Ian Scott  

SVVS Treasure Hunt, April 27th, 2014                            Report by Nick Woollett

It had been decided to hold the 2014 SVVS Treasure Hunt on Drive it Day and to stick to the format of groups of clues in a small number of locations where there was reasonable parking to eliminate the problem of other road users being irritated by drivers slowing down and stopping at frequent intervals.

An innovation this year were additional awards for the oldest driver/oldest car and youngest driver/oldest car which involved a bit of extra maths for yours truly.

Twelve crews in an eclectic selection of vehicles arrived at Knight's Garden Centre, Bletchingley, of which 11 started, an encouraging number.

Crews were presented with three batches of clues, the first in the café and actual garden Centre, the second and third located at Bletchingley and Outwood respectively. Of these, crews found the café and garden centre group by far the most difficult, one esteemed member needing to phone his management at home for advice on different Italian foods when the answer required was actually on the fascia above the café counter!

In the end the scores were pleasingly tight at the top and Ian Scott in his E Type won by one point on 30 narrowly beating Dave Hall and Gavin Tester together on 29 while Steve Brooks came third on 26.

Peter Dingle and his Bullnose Morris took the oldest driver/oldest car award calculated by multiplying the age of both together to get 7735 and Dave Hall took the youngest driver/ oldest car by dividing the car's age by the driver's age to obtain 2.36.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their lunch at the Black Horse, Hookwood and the results were announced in good time after no less than two recounts. Roll on next year's event.

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