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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ The SVVS Treasure Hunt - April 2013 ] ::

Please click on any thumbnail picture below  to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). The text and photos are by Bozi Mohacek.

Start at the Redhill Aerodrome, South Nutfield


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Finish at the Black Horse, Hookwood

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The Winners and the Organiser:
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Wollett               and                     Matt Tester         

The SVVS Treasure Hunt  - April 2013
by Bozi Mohacek

The 2013 Treasure Hunt was moved from March to April, which was perhaps just as well as in March we were under a couple of feet of SNOW. It was also decided that we would combine the Treasure Hunt with the regular April pub meet at the Black Horse in Hookwood with the hope that more Members would join the Treasure Hunt. The concept of the Treasure Hunt was a non-timed non-competitive visit to a number of local villages, where it was then necessary to park, get out of the car and walk about the village to find all the clues.

The tradition of the Treasure Hunt has it that the person who wins, organises the next year's event. The event is also establishing a reputation for shenanigans with people cooperating (cheating), taking part while not Members, and coming in moderns. Moderns has become acceptable because of the 'winter' climate but it seems that not being a Member has also become acceptable. Matt Tester, son of the reviver of the event Tony Tester, won the Treasure Hunt last year, but we did insist he joined in order to receive the cup!!

He therefore organised this year's event, and well organised it was too, apparently with the help of his class at school. The entry form was a lovely coloured map of the area on the back, and on the front a list of 35 questions typed in script size that could be read without glasses. Now that's thoughtful !!

The day was absolutely glorious with blue skies and no rain or snow. This turned out to be the first warm day of the year and temperatures reached the dizzy heights of 22. It was windy and blustery though,- not a day for toupees. We met up at the Redhill Aerodrome at 10.00 and had reviving cuppas in the surprisingly full cafe. Seems a very popular family Sunday venue with all the little aircraft and helicopters buzzing about.

Those taking part in proper cars were Messrs Moody in the Morris, Messrs Woollett in the Dellow, Messrs Mohacek in the Jaguar XJS, Tester Senior in the Hot Rod, Messrs  Brooks in the MGBGT, Messrs Gorman in the Bentley 6, and new members in the Triumph Stag. Them in Moderns was Messrs BIS MOV in a pozy Merc and Messrs Pearce in a very domestic Peugeot.

The first set of questions was related to the Buildings at the Aerodrome. Next lot of questions was about South Nutfield Railway Station, then about Smallfield and later about Mill Close in Horley. Questions were actually quite hard but we were advised my Matt Tester not to take it very seriously, - just go out and enjoy ourselves. Seems this did not get through to the Bishops and Pearces who looked very earnest and serious about it all. Mrs Chairman, on the other hand, marched round purposefully ignoring all suggestions put forward by Mr. Chairman. Hence Messrs Chairman did not win again! All were regularly overtaken by Messrs Woollett who are into open-air mugplugging motoring which must keep one very alert and clear headed, and totally frozen.

We re-assembled at the Black Horse in Hookwood where we were met by a few other SVVS cars out for the Sunday meet. The little Midget in the photos turned out to belong to one of the barmaids. Good Taste!

Tony and Matt Tester had arranged with the Black Horse for the participants to have reserved places for lunch, which was just as well for we took up some 30 places.  The service was very good and quick and food was reasonable. During lunch, Matt, daughter and family did the count-up and announced that Messrs Woollett had won with 30 out of 35 right, so hats off to them. Roger and Pam Bishop tied with Tony Tester at 30 points, and Jackie & Simon Pearce tied with Pam and Mike Gorman at 29. Messrs Bishop and Pearce then got into a huddle to compare notes as to where they went wrong, no doubt planning a coup for next year.  Messrs Chairman got a mere 24, so there is absolutely no chance of us having to set next year's event!!  

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