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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate - June 2014 ] ::

The text below is by Tony Russell and the following photos are by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). 

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Mein Hosts

SURREY SUNSHINE, VINTAGE AND CLASSICS Surrey Oaks, Sunday 8th June Club Meeting

In the immortal words of Marianne Faithfull "the morning sun shone brightly on the eyes" not on those of Lucy Jordan, but on the eyes of your Publicity Officer. A glorious day filled me with enthusiasm for the demanding mile drive up the road to my local, the Surrey Oaks Newdigate. As is customary the loyal 1937 Ford tourer was loaded with our new banners and sail flag, signs etc.

 I arrived early at 11.30am. to set up and found local villager Keith Weller with his 1966 MGB GT already there, accompanied by Alan Rothwell with his 1972 MGB roadster. Also ready and waiting was the first of our guests, Jim Whitehouse in his meaty 1956 Chevrolet 300 pickup truck, its metal flake paint sparkling in the sunshine .Jim and his lovely lady immediately offered to assist with hanging the Club banners, and assembly of our new flag. Much appreciated.

The new owner of the Surrey Oaks, Nick Rogers, an avid classic car enthusiast, had roped off most of the car park for us, and was very welcoming to all. He had also ridden in to work on his super, and surprisingly quick, 1963 Lambretta LI 150 scooter, just for us! Nick also owns a very tidy early "Frogeye Sprite". He recently sold his Healey 3000 to pay for the new pub kitchen, a big sacrifice methinks, hope the food is going to be worth it!

 Next to arrive was another guest, Paddy Moore, piloting his thunderous Chevrolet small block powered Allard J2 special, followed closely by yet another VIP guest, no less than Darryl Allard, yes, he is of the Allard family, aboard his glorious 1951 Allard P1 saloon.

I was beginning to think that the Allard Owners Club had hijacked our meeting but it was wonderful to welcome them and their splendid cars, after all I had invited them via my friend Mike Knapman, vice president of their owners club.

Just then I thought I heard a clap of thunder in the distance, but as it got louder I realised that the noise heralded the arrival of two of my very good hot rod buddies, Geoff Cousins hanging on to his amazing 400bhp. Chevy powered 1948 Ford Anglia and Mark Tanner in his very rapid 1928 Ford Model A pick up, also Chevrolet powered, of course. They were under strict instructions not to unleash the combined 750bhp of their cars across the pub car park!

These type of vehicles may not be to everyone's taste, but one has to admire the standard of engineering that goes into them, and the undoubted enthusiasm of their owners for "our type" of motor cars. They were both very welcome indeed. Back to reality, next to arrive were our very own Derek and Jacqui Wright sitting comfortably in their sweet 1961 Wolseley 1500.

Chairman Bozi and Mrs Chairman swept in aboard the XJS "pozermobile" Jaguar V12. Not too late this year, well done Bozi! He likes mornings even less than your Publicity Officer, but that's another story.

"Proper" SVVS cars were now arriving in droves, Colin Dawson with his 1926 Bullnose Morris Cowley, Nick Woodward in the magnificent 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25, Will Howe with the lovely little 1956 Lancia Appia. Fellow Newdigate villager Graham Capel was next to arrive in his very rare 1979 JPS Lotus Esprit commemorative model, number 33 of the only 100 ever made. John Quiney with his beautiful 1939 Triumph Dolomite roadster bagged a good parking spot.

Yet another Allard rumbled in, our friend Mike Knapman piloting his V8 Allard roadster special. Mike regaled us with the story of being overtaken by one of his rear wheels last week when the hub bolts failed and the wayward wheel shot past and disappeared in to the roadside undergrowth! You will recall that Mike is vice president of the Allard Owners Club and gave us a great talk at a recent SVVS evening meeting.

Our very own Desmond was next on parade, this time driving his much loved little 1923 Amilcar C5. Loyal Club members Julian and Thelma Alderton parked up their reliable 1948 MG Y saloon and very soon were making conversation with their many friends, Julian of course having first ordered a pint of Surrey Oaks real ale! Next in was Simon Bishop and friends aboard his 1927 Singer 14/34.

Membership and vehicle registrar Peter Clark arrived in his neat NG TD. Paul Scott, driving the ex-Frank Hayter 1934 Morris Oxford six was given pride of place in front of the pub and then had the somewhat tricky manoeuvre of turning it round to face the road. This entailed holding up passing traffic while Paul expertly reversed this substantial saloon into place.

Also given a prime parking slot was the Derek Graham 1927 Trojan which announced its' arrival with the unique popping sound of exhaust and haze of blue two stroke smoke , a wonderful motor car. By now the pub car park was getting pretty full, but space was made for our friend Mike Gorman with the 1934 Morris 10/4.

Still they came! James Smith, secretary of the Allard Club, burbled in driving his very original and indeed rare, 1948 L Type Allard. New and very enthusiastic Club member Guy Fancourt cruised in with his 1988 Mercedes 300 SE saloon. Many thanks to Guy for his help in dismantling our Club publicity material after the event. Would you believe yet another Newdigate villager, Gerald Thorpe, turned up in his immaculate 1921 Ford Model T. Gerald is not YET a member, but your Publicity Officer is working on it. It is very apparent that my village is a nest of interesting cars!

Regular Club magazine contributor Tony Penn graced the meeting with his spectacular 1964 Ford Falcon, It's a very big machine, so space was found at the back of the car park next to Gerald's Model T. Very welcome indeed was friend Robert Way, ex Managing Director of TVR Cars and previous Club speaker. Rob came in his very quick 1995 TVR Griff 500. I have driven this thing several times, quickly, and can personally vouch for its' spectacular performance. Club Secretary Malcolm Bailey slotted in driving his desirable 1975 Opel Manta, accompanied by his lovely wife Sheena.

By now the car park was virtually full of glorious vehicles, and more were still arriving. John and Jenny Curtis managed to squeeze in with the immaculate 1958 Jaguar XK 150. Just when we thought that there was absolutely no more room, Chris Newton drove in with his 1961 Daimler SP250. Finally Malcolm Ward just about fitted the big Mercedes 500 SEC in alongside his son Darren's very nice 1967 Ford Mustang. I think we had more V8 powered cars in one place than any previous Club meeting. Delighted to see our good friend Terry Mistry after several years' absence, a very welcome visitor indeed. I also spotted previous club speaker and bodywork specialist Martin Thaddeus admiring the cars. A vast ex-military Hannomag of some sort parked for a while on the road outside but drove off before I could get a good look at it.

Nearly 35 vehicles attended what must rate as one of our best Sunday meetings ever, Club members, guests and friends made it a day to remember. The new display material looked great. Special thanks to landlord Nick Rogers and his staff for hosting us all, the Allard Owners Club for supporting us, the hot rod boys for helping put up the banners etc., and especially our super Club members who came out to enjoy the sunshine and eclectic mix of vehicles on display.

Yours Happy with empty Biro; Tony Russell

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