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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [  S V V S Lunchtime Meeting  -  The Plough & Furrow, Smallfield  -  March 2017 ] ::

Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Photos and text below by Bozi Mohacek.

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As it had been decided that this year we would start our outside meetings earlier in February at the Cock, and as we had returned to the Dog & Duck as our winter venue, it was necessary to slightly reschedule the earlier part of our Annual Calendar. This meant that the visit to the Plough & Furrow had been placed earlier in the year, with slight fear that the weather would not be kind to us, and the Dog & Duck scheduled later. 

Either side of this Sunday, warm sunny weather with above average temperatures. So on Saturday took out and de-mothballed the 1921 Citroen. Started well and ran so smartened up all ready for Sunday. On Sunday morning clouds bit grayish but dry, so took the Citroen out of the garage and left it on the drive. And indeed, true to form, the weather was not kind to us. By the time I came out again the heavens had opened up and car was soaking, and gloom had descended over the countryside, - and did not clear until the next day.

Although the Plough is less than a mile away from my home, this trip is annually the most nerve-racking of the year. Perhaps because it is normally its first annual outing, something always seems to go wrong with the Citroen. And true to form, less than 100 yards down the road loud rhythmic clonking from underside drive train. Stopped but nothing visible so decided to go on, but to proceed very very slowly as it would not have been the first time that L'Escargot had to be towed back from the Plough.

I was the last proper car to arrive. A relatively popular eatery had this day been abandoned. Our very small row of mostly classic cars stood proud and very noticeable in the near empty car park. Already there was the 1986 Ford Capri of Ian Maclennan who had sensibly left his patinated 1929 Bentley in the dry. The 2.8I Capri is capable of 130mph on a good day, although Ian possibly may not be. Despite the weather, next to him was a relatively unusual 1952 Healey Tickford 2.5L belonging to Chris Geary. Only 222 of these were ever built in four years up to 1954, and are capable of 100mph. Next to it was a marginally faster, at 150mph, the 1965 Jaguar E Type Roadster belonging to Christine Reason who was blaming being vertically challenged for not being behind the steering wheel until a new higher seat is fitted. Marginally slower, but stil rapid, was the 1.9L 1975 Opel Manta A Coupe belonging to Malcolm Bailey, capable of 105mph. 

Justifiably at the very end of the row was the 1921 Citroen Model C Cabriolet of Hon Chairman Bozi Mohacek. Maximum Top Speed, preferably down hill, of a magnificent 37mph!!  More than adequate with only two wheel brakes. Departing as the Citroen was arriving, was Tony Oakes en-route to the Canary Islands with Thelma. Very surprisingly, he came in his big 1930 Humber Snipe whose top speed is normally limited only by its fuel consumption and size of the petrol tank. Hiding elsewhere in the car park was Hon Editor's 1989 500SEC Mercedes. The only modern in that car park was a 2006 Citroen which has recently joined the enormous fleet of cars scattered across Surrey belonging to Martin Emery, and being watered by the pooch being walked by Janet. They seem to come in a different car each time. He also has a plane or two and is currently trying to sell one from Czechoslovakia !  His spare cars are frequently featured in films; lots being background to 'Lady in the Van'. 

Not noticed until going home in the other car park was the purple  modern bubble belonging to Julian and Thelma Alderton who were imbibing lunches in the Pub in the company of Messers Geary and our President Derrick Graham and his companion. Julian was hobbling with a stick blaming sciatica and Telma was muttering about arthritis! Also nice to see Sheena accompanying Malcolm. Sheena has found a way of avoiding the SVVS Dinner; she is going to Spain without him!

The Citroen got clonkingly home under its own power and the clonking remained a mystery. The next day Michel Gosset, who had yet again forgotten to come to a SVVS meeting, and who also happens to own a Model C Citroen, came round and assisted in swapping wheels and things round to see if the cause can be determined. After much deliberation and franglais muttering it was decided that the end of the nearside second-hand half-shaft could be bent, giving a shimmy to the wheel and slightly clonking in the brake assembly. If it ever stops raining I might investigate further.

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