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:: [  S V V S Summer Saunter to the Bluebell Railway at Horsted Keynes, Sussex  -  July 2014 ] ::

The following photos are by Tony Oakes, Malcolm Bailey and Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow, top left of screen. 

The meeting point was the field next to the car park of Horsted Keynes station of the Bluebell Railway where the Sussex Food Fair was taking place. Trains go in both directions; to East Grinstead and to Sheffield Park.  Our group chose to go to Sheffield Park to see the steam engine sheds. We then returned to Horsted Keynes for the Food fair and our own picnic. 

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Summer Saunter to the Bluebell Railway, July 2014                                                     by:  Malcom Bailey 

Saunter Sunday this year dawned somewhat grey, wet, cool and breezy - in marked contrast to the baking hot saunter of the year before. It also proved to be more of a turn up and park up at Horsted Keynes, rather than a group saunter, with just four cars meeting in Morrison's car park in Reigate.

Early arrivals Cynthia and Michael Ireland in the immaculate Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, and Brian and Maureen Daley in their trusty Truimph TR5 were joined by Malcolm and Sheena Bailey in the Opel Manta and Steve and Madeleine Brookes in their plush Mercedes CLK cabrio. Setting off independently, all managed to converge on the car park at Horsted Keynes station. They were joined at Horsted Keynes by Bozi, Julie and entertaining friend George in the XJS Jaguar, Tony and Thelma Oakes in the stately Humber Snipe (having saved a couple of gallons of juice by avoiding a detour via Reigate), Malcolm Ward and family in the other young-timer Mercedes, a 500SEC, Tony Simmons in the Riley Adelphi, and Nick and Angela Woollett in the newly revitalized Dellow. The SVVS car park was seen to attract a number of visitors, some armed with cameras, during the course of the day and thus provided another advertising opportunity for the society.

The Bluebell Railway, pioneer of standard gauge preservation in the UK and now completing its 53rd year of public operation, has developed on part of the former Lewes and East Grinstead Railway into a highly successful operation. The visit of the SVVS coincided with the annual Sussex Food Fair at Horsted Keynes so, in addition to the obvious attraction of the railway and associated paraphernalia, there was some delectable food and beverages on offer. The latter ranged from fresh produce, through chutneys and preserves, cheeses, breads, cakes and other confectionary, pies, pasties and pizzas (served from a '60s FIAT van), to tea, coffee and locally produced wines. Not to be outdone, the Bluebell Railway served scrumptious cream teas from their recently restored Pullman car Fingall.

Members present availed themselves of the discounted travel provided by the Bluebell to ride to East Grinstead and Sheffield Park. Now in its second year of operation, the link to East Grinstead has not only enhanced the ride on the train but also opened up new opportunities for attracting visitors from further afield to the railway. Sheffield Park provided the added attraction of the loco shed and museum, while some were heard to have enjoyed a meal in the Bessemer Arms.

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