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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate - February 2013 ] ::

Reigate Manor Hotel was again the venue for the 2013 Annual SVVS Dinner and was attended by a smashing turnout of 100 people. This was the fourth Dinner presided over by the new Chairman Bozi Mohacek (aka Vintman), ably assisted by Mrs Chairman Julie Mohacek who organised the Raffle, -  and who also presented the cups. Raffle ticket sales were carried out by Julie, Janet Russell, Thelma Oakes and Gosia Hone. 

The Hotel staff were very friendly and efficient and were almost unnoticeable by their super efficiency! The use of the Bar area and the small Brokes room as pre-dinner drinks seating area was a great success. Not much can be faulted with the meal and the service.

After the superb meal, the SVVS Cups and accolades went to:  Matt Tester who got the Chairman's Cup for winning the Treasure Hunt; the Hero Cup was awarded to Andrew Randall for the 'An Interesting Historical Car Restoration'; the Wollett Award for winning the SVVS Quiz went to Mike Gooch OBE; and award for Outstanding Services to the SVVS, the President's Cup, was presented to Colin Mulford who our previous Editor for nine years.

As to the Guest Speaker, we were lucky enough to obtain the services of Ruby Cole.  Ruby Cole is a National Trust Ranger with the Surrey Hills team, responsible for the Leith Hill area. Her talk with slides included an overview of her work and about the volunteer teams she is responsible for. She told us about some the properties that the Trust owns locally and gave us details of the various flora and fauna in our region. She also told us how difficult it is to manage our Master of Ceremonies and Publicity Officer Tony Russell who has become a National Trust Volunteer. Since his second retirement, Tony had put on a bit of weight, so Janet sent him out to get fit. Seems Tony's every activity is preceded and succeeded by lingering cigarillo, which he cannot smoke at home!!

The proceeds of the raffle went, as is the tradition, to the Speaker's chosen charity which was rather obviously the local area National Trust . 

The Photos below were taken by Hon Secretary Malcolm Bailey. Please click on any thumbnail picture to see full size picture. To return to thumbnails please click Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen).

The Reigate Mannor does us proud with lovely table presentation and printed table plan and  menus

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Pre-dinner drinks in the bar and in the small Brokes Suite
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  0g.jpg (41828 bytes)     0h.jpg (40889 bytes)     0i.jpg (41284 bytes)  
Photographs taken by Malclom Bailey shown in table order of people who were present
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Tony Russell introducing Chairman Bozi Mohacek who tells a joke before the Chairman's Address 
11a.jpg (45336 bytes)     11c.jpg (29964 bytes)     11b.jpg (39428 bytes)

Chairman announces award of Chairman's Cup to Matt Tester, and  Hero Cup to Andrew Randal
12a.jpg (41916 bytes)     12b.jpg (44144 bytes)     13a.jpg (56623 bytes)

Stanley Randall 96 !         Chairman announces presentation of President's Cup to Colin Mulford.
13b.jpg (31469 bytes)     14a.jpg (42964 bytes)     14b.jpg (42906 bytes)

Quiz Trophy to Mike Gooch OBE              Chairman announces The Guest Speaker,  Ruby Cole          
15a.jpg (50137 bytes)     16a.jpg (39275 bytes)     16b.jpg (57425 bytes)

Ruby Cole who is a National Trust Ranger, Surrey Hills, gives presentation on works at Leith Hill 
16c.jpg (42195 bytes)     16d.jpg (33691 bytes)     17a.jpg (39034 bytes)

 Ruby picks the winner of the Raffle and Julie Mohacek presents the prizes as she did the Cups 
17b.jpg (43648 bytes)     17d.jpg (42971 bytes)     17e.jpg (37688 bytes)

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