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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ New Year's Day Meeting - The Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2013 ] ::

The text and the photos are by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). 

New Years Day 2013 was a bright, dry, sunshiny day, which made it quite a change from the deluges and storms and floods that preceded it. The driest spring earlier in 2012 when strict water rationing was introduced (!) was followed by the wettest summer and autumn on record. Serious floods in various parts of the country with many towns under water. All fields in the local area are waterlogged making walking, and farming, very difficult. It is interesting to ponder if the authorities took advantage of all this water to refill the agauafers and reservoirs, or are we in for more hosepipe bans as soon as the current rain stops ?!  

Anyway, 13 cars attended the now traditional New Year's Day meet at the Beehive in Reigate. As it was dirty from the preceding weeks of muddy country lanes, Mr. & Mrs. Chairman came in the supercharged XJR state landau which is being kept unwashed so that it sees some use. While it is actually a 'modern', it has got only two seats and does sound and look quite sporty and nice.

Mr & Mrs Michael Ireland came in their 2.5 L Gangstermobile Dodge, grabbed a seat in the one of the alcoves of the pub and started lunching quietly. This was not to last as the rest of the SVVS who came decided that this alcove was best and crammed into the tiny space, leaving the rest of the pub quite empty. Impossible to hear yourself think in the hubbub. Next to them in both car park and pub was Chris Geary who had decided to exhibit the Alvis TA21 from his collection.  

The Bentley Mk6 saloon taking up most of its allocated parking place was being aired from another collection owned by Mike Gorman and Pam. We were pleased Pam was looking so well. Also looking well, and pleased to be there, was Simon Pearce who had undergone some rather nasty therapy which seems to have resulted in him being given a clean bill of health, which is no doubt great news to Jackie who has also had a rough time. 'Martha' the mighty Siddeley, which is coveted by Mr. Chairman, looks regretfully as if it will continue to be the Pearce transport for some time to come.

Looking very sprightly and full of the joys of spring and new year were Julian and Thelma Alderton in their perennial MG Y which was seen to have been collected by a woofler at the back of a tractor coming the other way late last year. I suppose that the Y being green, is easily mistaken for grass? Meant to ask if had been repaired.   Mr. Simon Bishop, another one with a vast collection of cars, campaigned the 13/34 Singer Two-seater & Dickey which took a few attempts to park in the corner slot and was left with the sidelight flashing. Didn't think they had flashers in 1927?

The blue Capri is always seen when ever Ian Maclennan requires transport in the wet so despite it not being in the register, has to be assumed to be his? Another regular is the white Moggi of Bob and Jean Drew both of whom were bemoaning the Lingfield of old when Bob had the garage in the high street. Seems now that almost every shop in the high street has been converted into some sort of an exotic restaurant. Driving trough the village in the evening with the window open is reminiscent of wafting through Bombay at mealtimes. 

MGBs were the most popular make at the Beehive, two being GTs. There was the green one owned by Robert Hubbard, a Jubilee,  and there was a gray one owned by Jeremy Bishop who left it there with the keys in it! And there was the shining blue roadster much polished by Alan Rothwell. Showing no signs of polish at all, was the well used hotrod phaeton unwashed by Tony Tester.  

It was noted that the ex-Chairman Derek and Jacquie Wright have given up old cars because nothing old was found in the car park which could be matched by their presence. Or perhaps comfort is gaining more importance in their retirement.

Glorious day, lovely grub, nice real ales and jovial company seemed just the right way to commence yet another New SVVS Year. Compliments of the season to one and all!

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