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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Sunday Saunter - Mike Hawthorn Museum - July 2011 ] ::

The SVVS received a kind invitation from Nigel Webb to visit his impressive private Museum dedicated to Mike Hawthorn which houses many items of memorabilia associated with the famous racing driver. It also house a fine collection of Jaguars which were assembled in one place for the occasion. A talk on Jaguars was given by a number of ex Jaguar Brown Lane employees and nibbles and refreshments were laid on. Absolutely fabulous day and even the weather remained kind. The following photos are by Bozi Mohacek who studied at the same establishment as Mike Hawthorn. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). 

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