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:: [  S V V S Visit to the RAF Museum, Hendon  -  July 2012 ] ::

Our Summer Saunter by coach had been long in planning and was our first coach outing after a number of years. The visit was intended to be to visit to the 2012 Shuttleworth Military Pageant Airshow. It was organised by our Hon Treasurer Robin Vince, a vintage flying nut with his own plane. On arrival at Shuttleworth we were told that we would not be able to enter as there had been a serious 'incident'. We were not told what the incident was but that the show was cancelled and that we would have to leave. 

After some discussion it was decided to visit the RAF Museum at Hendon which was in the right direction of home. And what a wonderful choice it was. Not only was the entry free but it turned out that it was practically impossible to have lunch and to see the whole site in one day. 

The photos below were taken by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to thumbnails please click Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen).

Click on photo below and slide to see enlarged panoramic view !  

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