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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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::: [  1955'2002 Ford Altair 1172 Special   ] ::


Photo sent to us by Glenn Burnage (UK) who is trying to track down the owner of a Ford special that he owned several years ago, and has some info about the car that the current owner may appreciate. The car is an Altair, reg No ESL587 Perhaps we may know of its whereabouts. 

 --   Regret we have no info on current owner/location but can advise that our Publicity Officer Tony Russell was complicit in manufacturing several Altair 1172 cars with Tony Weale of Reigate,  in about 2001 - 5. 

Tony advises: "This is an Altair 1172 built by Tony Weale of Reigate with assistance from me some years ago. The car was featured in our club magazine at the time, regret I cannot remember the actual year but it was at least 10 years past, probably more.
(Article on the Altair was subsequently found and is at the bottom of this page). I have no idea of the current owner as several were built by us and they may well have changed hands a number of times. Please find attached brochure for the Altar of the time": 

Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size  picture
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size  pictur

UPDATE on the above CME 146 is at the bottom of the page

(Pictures:  Car & Classic)
Note the subsequent alteration to original spare wheel location

Below:  Article on the Altair CME 146 in August 2000
Click on the thumbnail photo to see full size pictur

  1947/1952 Altair
Below, Altair CME146 next to Tony Russell's Ford Pop Convertible (7W), in 2002 at Skimmington Castle.
First imported to California and converted from Ford side valve to 1.0 liter Suzuki Swift three cylinder.
Car was last heard of in the USA in Rhode Island when it had raced in Street Rods Nationals. 

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