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:: [  1904 Little Star 7 HP Two-Seater   ] ::

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Paul Vesty wrote:  Hi I wonder if you can help with an id for the car in the attached picture from my family album. The picture was taken in the 1960s of me and my parents sitting in the car. It was one of those pose for a picture businesses that were popular in those days at the seaside. A young gentleman named Zack Stiling pointed me in your direction and I would me most grateful if you could solve the mystery!. Best regards Paul Vesty.


Ariejan Bos wrote:   Hi Bozi, 1904 Little Star 7 HP Two-Seater. About the car, it is a known car of course, though I haven't got very good pictures in my archive. Maybe you can find better ones on the internet. I suppose the VCC will know more about its current whereabouts.  Ariejan

Bozi Mohacek wrote:  Hi Neale,  As you are a Star expert, I have had this enquiry to which Ariejan has advised me that this is a cca 1904 Little Star 7HP which is apparently still in use. Do you have any info or current photos of it ? Bozi

Neale Lawson wrote: Hi Bozi, Ariejan is right in that the picture is of an existing Little Star. I am in the process of putting together a volume of all the information I have collected on the Little Star and one section is to be the "history" of each of the existing cars. The picture of the car I have not seen before. I had always assumed that the car was very original until I went to inspect it at an Auction house and took a lot of pictures in the form it is in in the picture. However, on close inspection, this was not the case. The car was used in the London to Brighton c 1934-to 1938 (stated to be 1902) but, at that time, had a much wider bonnet, similar to a Decauville. The present bonnet appears to be an original except it had brass louvre panels which I do not think Star ever used. But the greatest surprise was the body, as shown in the picture, it was made up of sheet steel welded to D section steel tubing. After the car was sol, the new owner contacted me asking for information and I knew of the remains of a "Victoria" body from another existing car which had been removed and not restored as the owner wanted a four-seater and had a replica made. The body was rescued ( I would have used it on my car but the chassis of my car is 6" longer than the 1904 model) and was refurbished and is now fitted to the car. The present owner has been doing a lot of work, and having a lot of problems, but at least the car is in "good hands" and I think before long will be running restored to very much as it was originally. Incidently the car was registered V206 but unfortunately, like so many Veterans, its original number has been kept by a previous owner. Kind regards Neale  

Ken Butcher wrote: Hi Bozi, Neale Lawson copied your email regarding the enquiry from Mr Vesty to me as the current owner of the Star in the photograph. I am keen to collect as many historic photos of my car as possible, so I would be very grateful if you would forward this email to Mr Vesty, so that I may ask if he could send me a larger version for my collection. In return, I would be very happy to send him a photograph of the car in its current form. With thanks. Ken Butcher

Bozi Mohacek wrote: Hi Ken, Many thanks for contacting me and lovely to know current owner of the car. I have passed all of Neale's info to Mr Vesty. Would similarly appreciate current photos of the car from you. Any written history would also be much appreciated. Interesting how some enquiries generate quite a lot of info. If you take 'The Automobile', you may have noticed in last months edition, on the last page, an article of a similar situation about a Decauville we had unearthed (as below). I hope to do a web article on the Decauville enquiry and would like to do one on the Little Star.

Ken Butcher wrote: Hi Bozi, Thanks for your email. Attached are a couple of pictures of the car in its present form. I really don't know much about the car before it came into the hands of the previous owner, the late Gordon Rose, from whom I bought it two and a half years ago. Gordon had mentioned to me that the car was once used as a photographer's prop and this is beautifully confirmed by Mr Vesty's photo. It is amazing that a photo from 60 years ago suddenly appears and, via you, the SVVS and Neale Lawson, finds its way to the current owner of the car. The car looks quite different now. As Neal mentioned in his email, the (non-original) body shown in Mr Vesty's photo was replaced by Gordon with an original Star body from a different car. I have also re-registered the car with an age-related number since the original number was sadly retained by a previous owner. Unfortunately, I have been struggling to get the car running properly since I bought it but hopefully I will get it sorted this year. Best wishes.Ken

1904 Little Star 7 HP Two-Seater as currently rebuilt and with new period registration  F-7585

Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size picture

Bozi Mohacek wrote: Hi Paul, The answer to your enquiry is now our Help Page. We have been able to obtain chapter and verse on the car and have been in contact with the current owner.

Paul Vesty wrote: Hi Bozi,   Big thanks to yourself, Ariejan, Neale and Ken for the info. I would have had my curiosity satisfied if you had identified the marque but you guys have found the actual car amazing!. Good to hear its in good hands hopefully my little bit of info will add to this little Stars history file. I only have the one postcard sized picture. That brought back memories of a trip to the beach that holiday that ended with a very sharp summer storm and my parents struggling up very steep narrow steps with me in driving rain in search of shelter!. I have a vague memory of Genevieve being mentioned when my parents spoke of the car. Obviously the car is not Genevieve and I doubt if it was even in the film but I guess the photographer used its London to Brighton history to associate it with the popular film to promote his business. Good luck with the restoration Ken its great that folks like yourself are working to preserve our industrial heritage. I imagine you guys enjoy the chase for info but I am really grateful for your knowledge and efforts Bozi and the SVVS are a good focus to pull info from all over and share in the right direction. Again thanks to you guys [and Zack Stiling that pointed me in your direction]. Best regards Paul 

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