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:: [ Christmas Social Meeting - Horne - December 2016 ] ::


Unfortunately it turned out that The Jolly Farmer Pub had no Chef for Christmas which meant that they would not be able prepare the food for our Christmas Social. So it was a question of either cancelling this quite enjoyable function, or doing it ourselves. Consultation with Mrs. Chairman confirmed that she would be happy to take on the catering because having been the Church Warden, she has held numerous functions at the Farm and is well versed in mass catering. So we agreed that  we would welcome everybody to the Farm where we can accommodate about 50 people. As it is not possible to use the Tithe Barn at this time of year due to the cold, the event would be held in the house.

As it turned out this is exactly the number that did attend. We had requested for everybody to advise us in advance of their intention to attend. We were very pleased that 50 people accepted the invitation. Chas and Janet Moody had volunteered to look after the admissions and to serve the drinks. We had laid on ample quantities of two types of red and two types of white wines and choice of about ten types of bottled and canned beers and lagers.

Julie had managed to lay on quite a spread and, despite her protestations, I thought I would mention some of the things she provided: three types of crisps, cheese straws, chicken gayons, two types of sausage rolls, pork pies, three types of lose sausages, home made samosas, vegetarian cheese & tomato rolls, six home made large quiches subsequent cut up, and selection of sandwiches on white or brown bread including egg, cheese & pickle, ham & mustard, tuna, cream cheese & cranberry, cream cheese & chives and coronation chicken. This was all finished up with buttered stollen cake, a tradition started by Jacqui and Derek Wright.  

At the beginning of the evening our President Derrick Graham thanked Julie and Bozi Mohacek for volunteering the Farm as the venue  to hold the Christmas Social at such short notice, and thanked Julie for single-handedly preparing the food. This was followed by a presentation by Tony Russell of a lovely potted cyclamen to Julie and some wine to Bozi.  This was then followed by another brief ceremony where Chairman Bozi Mohacek presented President Derrick Graham with a framed photo of Derrick's Trojan motorcar. Derek is now in his early nineties and had decided that it was time to pass on his prize possession to new keen owners who would campaign it as vigorously as he had done. Unfortunately the car has moved out of the area and is unlikely to be seen at local meetings.

Photos below are by Bozi Mohacek, taken on the IPhone. Surprisingly good results as no flash was used, but the photos are a bit grainy. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). 

Click on the thumbnails below to see full size picture

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Photos below from Chas Moody

30.jpg (45541 bytes)  31.jpg (43895 bytes)
32.jpg (45784 bytes)  33.jpg (48541 bytes)
President Derrick Graham thanking Julie & Bozi.    Julie Mohacek receiving a lovely cyclamen plant as thank for her efforts, presented by Tony Russell

SVVS President Derrick Graham (seated) being presented by Chairman Bozi Mohacek with a framed photo of Derrick standing by his recently sold Trojan which has now migrated north. 
(Photo by Malcolm Ward)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mrs and Mr Chairman, Julie and  Bozi Mohacek

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