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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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Coronavirus Pandemic has been playing havoc with large parts of the world and has resulted in the mandatory cessation of our activities for over a year. However, the successful Vaccination Programme has resulted in the progressive lifting of restrictions and re-opening of pubs and therefore the re-start of  our meetings. Details of our proposed plans are on our MAP & DATES PAGE and any sudden changes would be announced on the CLUB PAGE (URL is published in the SVVS Magazine). In the event of prolonged shutdowns to our Meetings, we will be providing the 'This Year's Event Page' with  motoring related articles.

SVVS New Year's Meeting, Reigate

:: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2022 ] ::
New Year's Day 2022 was dull and bit grey, but it was not raining or snowing so winter-stored cars came out without getting dirty or wet, and/or requiring major re-conservation. This resulted in a relatively reasonable turnout of 26 proper cars and a couple of moderns; exactly the same number as last year. Unlike previous years the pub was almost empty due to the increasing new Onmicron pandemic so the normally packed car park was very much occupied by us.  Happy New Year to all !

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