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:: [       S V V S Evening Meeting    -   The Three Horseshoes, Sidlow    -    August        ] ::

The summer months have sped by all too fast as witnessed by the rapid onset of darkness for our last evening meeting of the season.  The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Chris Cuss and photos by Tony Oakes and Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page has been sized to be viewed at 800 x 600. Being evening, photos were taken with very little light, and some with no light at all, so have been artificially lightened for easier viewing, hence a bit grainy.

sh001.jpg (23695 bytes)  sh002.jpg (24889 bytes)  sh01.jpg (19985 bytes)  sh02.jpg (20873 bytes)

For once a dead heat. Last year I recorded 33 vehicles at this venue and this year I counted exactly the same number. I had thought of merely re-submitting last year's report to the editor but last year Mr. Mohacek was absent and this year he went to great pains to advise of his presence so another report it has to be. Mr Mohacek wanted it to be known that he was at the meeting and had brought his V12 Jaguar. Nigel Walder had brought his 1928 Alvis 12/50 Sports and Desmond Peacock his 1921 Amilcar Type CC. More majestic than sporting was the 1933 15 hp Armstrong Siddeley owned by Mike Fay that seems to appear just about everywhere these days.

sh03.jpg (23249 bytes)  sh04.jpg (20509 bytes)  sh05.jpg (24957 bytes)  sh06.jpg (18682 bytes)

 David Cole was another who has brought his 1933 10/4 two seater and dickey to all our evening meetings this year but he left so early that I almost missed recording him. On the other hand a car that I had not noted so far this year was the very tidy 1931 Austin 7 tourer owned by Neil Wise. Other cars making their first appearances for this summer that I have I noted were the Daimler SP 250 belonging to Graham Brown and the 1946 Ford Anglia based hotrod built by Tony Russell. John Kirkby was in his 1924 8 hp Humber and Mike Erroll roared up in his 1952 Jaguar XK120. Bill Ray with his 1953 Jowett Javelin was yet another whom I had not previously recorded this summer. 

sh07.jpg (24443 bytes)  sh08.jpg (28437 bytes)  sh09.jpg (28188 bytes)  sh10.jpg (26923 bytes)

M.G. was the most common make of the evening and as always I have problems with their identification. Julian Alderton's Y type saloon is easily identified as is Colin Mulford's TF as it is always so well polished. Then I came to two post war two seaters that could be TD's. Both have turned up before but I have still not linked them to their owners, nor have I listed the MGB drophead that was at the Plough. Sorry to all concerned. Not quite an MG is the NG recently acquired by John Sheldrake. John advises me that it is four seater and not a two seater .

sh11.jpg (22334 bytes)  sh12.jpg (28468 bytes)  sh13.jpg (22947 bytes)  sh14.jpg (21614 bytes)

Local residents Derek and Jacqui Wright used their Morris 8 tourer for the short journey along the lane whilst other Morris men were Malcolm Bailey in his 1934 Minor and Peter Sowerby in his 1970 Minor 1000. Moving to the very familiar I recorded three Rileys, my 1930 Tin Tourer, John Manvers' 1934 Falcon and Robin Vince's 1936 Kestrel. Raymond Hobbs was enjoying having his Rover 2000 TC back in service. Roger Horstman used the younger of his two Triumph TR's and Graham Martin had come with his 1946 Standard 8. Moving to cars not in my records I noted the Riley RME owned by Dave Kilmer and the Sunbeam Alpine Mark 3 driven by Robin Albert. Those cars whose owners I did not trace were an Austin Somerset saloon of mid fifties vintage, a post-war AC four door saloon, a pre-war Hillman tourer and an Ulster type Austin 7.

sh15.jpg (18998 bytes)  sh17.jpg (24195 bytes)  sh18.jpg (24856 bytes)  sh19.jpg (18825 bytes)

So our four summer evening meetings have drawn to their close. Weather wise it has been one of the best summers on record and we have all enjoyed being out and about in our proper cars. This means that more cars than ever turn up which makes recording then all correctly far from easy. I shall try and update and collate my notes through the winter and in the meanwhile offer apologies to all those whose names and/or vehicles have been wrongly recorded in these pages during the past four months. Having written thus far I remember that after darkness had fallen and I had put my tape recorder away Tony Tester arrived in his Chrysler so please disregard the first sentence. 

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