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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ The Lingfield Steam and Country Show - August 2003 ] ::

The Lingfield Steam and Country Show is now at its new regular venue at the Blue Anchor Show site and appears to be going from strength to strength. The following photos are by Tony Oakes and  Bozi Mohacek, who has also provided some text. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page viewed at 800 x 600. 

The Lingfield Steam Fair has always been known for a good display of Steam Traction Engines, Steam Rollers and Steam Lorries, and this year was no exception, possibly fewer.  It was also nice to note that the SVVS has consolidated its vintage car paddock and that quite a few Members came over the two days. Further details of SVVS attendances at the bottom of this report. Steam first.

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According to the catalogue, which gives much fun in error spotting, the oldest steam engine was a 1903 Burrell SCC "Buller"  followed by a 1909 Burrell "Princess Royal", 1909 Aveling & Porter GND "Daisy", 1910 Fowler A5 Road Loco "The Smuggler",  1913 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller, 1914 Aveling & Porter 10 ton Steam Roller "Hengist", 1922 Stanley Steam car, 1925 Foden C type Steam Wagon and trailer, the 1925 Albion Fowler Roller, 1925 Wallis & Stevens Roller "Sir John", 1929 Sentinel Superior "Shrewsbury Knave", 1930 Fowler 10 ton Roller "Lady Janet", and a 1932 Aveling & Porter Road Roller "Heather Rose". There were also a number of mini steamers.

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The Show  had as usual a number of sub sections. One was the Stationary Engines showing engines by Amanco, Bamford, Bentall, BSA, Crossley, Fairbanks Morse, Hartop, JAP, Ingeco, International, Lister, Norman, Petter, Ruston, Scammell, Villiers, Witte and Wolseley.  Model Steamers included a 3" Allchini, a couple of Aveling & Porter, a few 3 & 4" Burell, 2" Minie Minless, a number of 3 & 4" Foster, a Foden, a 3" Mc Laren, a Ruston 4", and a 4" Tasker,  Lorries, Commercials and Busses had mostly relatively modern stuff but included a 1918 Model T, a 1937 Citroen 23, R 1939 Guy Wolf, a 1933 Ford Pickup and a few light commercials of interest. Fire engines were also mainly modern. Being a Country Show it was nice to see the tractors there too; some were quite interesting and unusual machines including the Lanz Bulldo. Other interesting names included  Balford Atom, Bolens Husky, Bristol, Wheelhorse Commando, Pattison Golfcourse as well as a number of Ferguson, Fordson, International, and Massey, to name but a few. 

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(The following text is from the SVVS Magazine and is by the Mag Editor Julian Alderton.) Perfect weather brought a good selection of S. V. V. S. cars to the show which was organised for the club, once again, by David Cole. Our display area was well away from the noise this year although it seemed that the attendance was not as high as usual. On the Saturday there were eight club vehicles present. In no particular order they were Derek Wright's recently acquired Rover 110, Alan Reid's Austin 7 Sport, David Cole's Austin 10/4, Frank Hayter's Morris Oxford, Mike Erroll's Jaguar XK 120, Graham Young's Morris Bullnose Tourer, Mike Gorman's Morris 10/4 and the Editorial MG Y.

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The Sunday attendance was somewhat better when Mike Gorman returned, this time in his Bentley Mk 4. The Wright's Rover, the MG Y and David Cole's Austin also put in a second appearances. Chris Geary's Alvis had an airing and Don and Mollie Bingham also had an airing in the Singer le Mans, as did Ian MacLennan in the 4.5 litre Bentley. Also in attendance were the S.V.V.S. '

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'Snapper' and Deputy 'Snapper', Messrs. Mohacek and O'Akes with the Humber-and-Citroen composite which puts me in mind of the Mercury and Mayo of pre-war aviation fame. Graham Martin brought one of his Standards to accompany David Glew's MG TC and Derek Bashford's Sunbeam Rapier, while a welcome visit was paid by David Cole's friend, Harry Merrison who brought a Morris Isis Six, an earlier model of the Morris Isis which David formerly owned. David said that he is in with a sporting chance of persuading Harry to join the S.V.V.S.

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The Group Organiser, David Cole, to whom we are very grateful for running our display, was seen on arrival to be hammering a huge metal spike into the ground to which, presumably, he had to tether the Austin in case it ran away. The Event programme contained numerous errors, among which was the declaration that Don and Mollie Bingham had come in their Singer Leman.

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