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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [ MUSEE DE L'AUTO MAHYMOBILES, Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium, ]::

The SVVS Website now has in excess of 50,000 photographs dealing with SVVS and other vehicles. Photos of SVVS vehicles at SVVS Meetings can be seen by going to the " Earlier Meeting Archive " page, selecting the appropriate year Venue Summary Page, and then clicking on the appropriate meeting via the heading or picture. 
If you require HELP or INFORMATION on identification of any car or make,  try our  HELP Pages. 
There are now a number of  Picture Gallery Pages  in this 'Gallery Section' which contain lots of varied Photographs taken by Members and Associates on their outside travels internationally. 

Our Hon Sec Malcolm Bailey and wife Sheena went for the 2016 August Bank Holiday on a group classic tour of Belgium which included a visit to the private Mahymobiles museum in Leuze-en-Hainaut. What a gem! The collection had developed out of the interest of Ghislain Mahy in things mechanical, aided by the surfeit of unwanted old mainly pre WW1 motor vehicles in the years following the WW2. He started acquiring and restoring what most people considered to be useless scrap. By 1970 his restored collection numbered 250 and he opened his first museum in Limbourg, just south of Brussels. At the instigation of the Belgian government, this evolved into the Autoworld Museum, opened in 1986, in a huge hall in Cinqauntanire Park in Brussels that once housed the 1880 Great Exhibition. This collection of around 250 cars and motorcycles is now the Belgian national motor museum and is well worth a visit. The remainder of the now vast Mahy collection was moved to a redundant textile factory in Leuze-en-Hainaut from 1997 by Ivan Mahy, Ghislain's son, and Mahymobiles was opened to public in 2000. Only few cars are shown below!

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1900_Germain_Phoenix_Petit_Omnibus.jpg (38343 bytes)  1900_Vivinus_Duc.jpg (43966 bytes)   1902_Toledo_Staemer.jpg (40424 bytes)

1903_Pierce_Motorette.jpg (39063 bytes)  1909_Lion_Peugeot_VC1.jpg (52542 bytes)  1913_Rochet_Schneider_Coupe_de_Ville.jpg (35234 bytes)

1914_AVA_Monoplace.jpg (38724 bytes)  1914_Luc_Court_14CV_Torpedo.jpg (35289 bytes)   1914_Philos_Coupe-de-Ville.jpg (47481 bytes)
1922_Panhard_Levassor_X36_Limousine_Transforable.jpg (41052 bytes)  1924_Chrysler_70_Touring.jpg (36450 bytes)  1925_Minerva_AG_16CV_Torpedo.jpg (43794 bytes)

 1926_FN_2200_Landaulette.jpg (43198 bytes)  1928_Benjamin_Type_R_Voiturette_Torpedo.jpg (37536 bytes)  1935_Graham_8_Supercharged_Convertible.jpg (34499 bytes)  

  1936_Peugeot_301D.jpg (38791 bytes)  1937_Maybach_SW38_Sports_Cabrio.jpg (36435 bytes)  1937_Tatra_T87_Saloon.jpg (36098 bytes)  

1938_Imperia_TA9_BS_Cabriolet.jpg (44478 bytes)  1939_Wolseley_Hornet_Special.jpg (49596 bytes)  1948_Chrysler_New-Yorker_Convertible.jpg (32702 bytes)

1948_Jaguar_IV_saloon.jpg (42314 bytes)  1949_Frazer_Manhattan_Convertible_Sedan.jpg (42102 bytes)  1949_Packard_Clipper_Coupe-de-Ville.jpg (41936 bytes)

1950_Jensen_Six_Saloon.jpg (42170 bytes)  1950_Lloyd_LP600_Alexander_TS_Limousine.jpg (29749 bytes)  1978_DeTomaso_Deauville_Limousine.jpg (49908 bytes)

1965_Wartburg_312_Coupe.jpg (37296 bytes)  1989_Honda_NSX_Prototype.jpg (48499 bytes)  Mercedes_Benz_170S_Coupe.jpg (36607 bytes)

01.jpg (52694 bytes)  02.jpg (42882 bytes)  03.jpg (36758 bytes)

04.jpg (37336 bytes)  05.jpg (44891 bytes)   06.jpg (51742 bytes)

07.jpg (50491 bytes)  08.jpg (50167 bytes)  09.jpg (48125 bytes)

12.jpg (55430 bytes)  11.jpg (37978 bytes)  10.jpg (41210 bytes)


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