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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS "Cream Tea"  Run - Knight's Garden Centre, Woldingham - June 2002] ::

The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Julian Alderton and the photos are by David Glew. Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than a print, and the page to be viewed at 800 x 600. 

cr001.jpg (37150 bytes)  cr002.jpg (32890 bytes)

Once again, the SVVS "Cream Tea", organised as ever by Messrs Picnic Organisers was a huge success, even the weather was quite perfect. Some 18 cars were paraded on the lawn of Knight's Garden Centre and in no particular order, they were:   

cr003.jpg (36370 bytes)  cr004.jpg (33653 bytes)  cr005.jpg (28564 bytes)  cr006.jpg (38905 bytes)

Geoff Hewitt's Mercedes convertible, Ian MacLennan's 1929 4.5 litre Bentley, Malcolm Bailey's 1934 Morris Minor, Hon. Treasurer's 1937 Ford Tourer (Dummy Drophead??), two MG TCs, Graham Martin's 1946 Standard 8, Terry Mistry's 1947 Triumph Roadster (with a 'Mistry' noise under the valve cover),  and his rather quick Austin Healey.

cr007.jpg (32607 bytes)  cr008.jpg (35794 bytes)  cr009.jpg (31859 bytes)  cr010.jpg (29271 bytes)

Bruce Glover's 1928 Lea Francis 12/50, Bill Ray's 1953 Jowett Jupiter Special, David Locket's Bentley, Gordon Tapping's 1929 Humber 16/50 Tourer, the editorial MG Y and, Chas Moody's beautifully restored 1928 Morris Cowley saloon.

cr011.jpg (30176 bytes)  cr012.jpg (34914 bytes)  cr013.jpg (37267 bytes)  cr015.jpg (39019 bytes)

Also present were a Dellow, a very rare Armstrong Siddeley 18 and a Rolls Royce, all of unknown ownership, as was the other Mercedes.

cr016.jpg (33075 bytes)  cr017.jpg (29751 bytes)  cr018.jpg (34158 bytes)  cr019.jpg (28338 bytes)

Equally importantly, the cream tea was, as ever, excellent. This time we were ushered to our reserved room through the front door, not via the conservatory, and through the elegant entrance hall so that we could admire the fine architecture and the magnificent decoration of the house. 

cr020.jpg (25552 bytes)  cr021.jpg (23561 bytes)  cr022.jpg (20147 bytes)  cr023.jpg (21388 bytes)

To match this the grounds are quite beautiful and made a perfect setting for another most enjoyable S. V. V. S. meeting. A vote of thanks is due to Messrs Picnic Organisers for all the work they put in to creating such an enjoyable afternoon for us.

cr024.jpg (29442 bytes)  cr025.jpg (52857 bytes)

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