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:: [  cca 1903 Family Dransfield  ] ::

QUESTION   :    We have been very lucky to receive a series of very interesting photographs from Florin Cicos  in Constanta by the Black Sea (in Romania) who is interested in old cars of Constanta and of Romania. Very recently he purchased in the 'flea market' a page from a photo album on one side of which were various photos and on the other side a programme of a musical evening interspersed with stick-ons of names from the Dransfield Family. Florin has requested identification of two of the cars, and any information on the Dransfield Family.

ANSWER          :       The photographs are very faint and required considerable photo-manipulation to make them usable.  The central large photo with the dogs unfortunately does not show a numberplate but the repeat photos of the Rear Entrance Tonneau show clearly IJ-5. IJ was a registration issued by the County Council of Down in Northern Ireland. Their registrations started in December 1903 and as many unregistered cars would have been waiting registration, the digit 5 was probably issued in December.

The car below with IJ5  is a cca 1903 Clement Rear Entrance Tonneau identified by our John Warburton as a 14HP Four Cylinder. 

The car below with the dogs is a cca 1903 Darracq Twin Cylinder, again identified by John Warburton. 

We have attempted some basic research on the Dransfield Family via the Rootchat Forum whith which we are friendly and have received some very positive and very interesting feedback on 

As we are into history of cars rather than people, despite one of the cars on the front being registered in Co Down, it does seem as if the album card could well originate from Scotland rather than Northern Ireland. People seem mainly to be from the north of England.

The mention of the Hydro Hotel Peebles could well be significant. Could this be a meeting of the 'clan' or a commemoration of the clan based on a musical evening in Scotland, perhaps based at the Hydro Hotel Peebles. What is that photo in the right corner? Does the big 21 signify a 21st Birthday?? 

Can anybody provide us with a link to a ‘who is who’ type source where we could get more general info on the Dransfield Family. It may be interesting to trace any current members and pass on the info for their records. We have not yet had any feedback from any Dransfilds so we are no further forward, and have built this Page to take matters forward. Why Northern Ireland registration, and quite how the album page got to Romania would also be interesting to find out. Any help on how to proceed further would be much appreciated.

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